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Hello, I am Colin Gibson, inventor of the Lazy Otter Water float. I grew up in Oregon and have been an outdoor enthusiast most of my life. As a young adult I moved to Arizona and quickly became familiar with the intense heat of the Sonoran Desert. I found myself spending a lot more time in pools and lakes during the intense summers, looking for an escape to the heat and relaxation. After trying many pool float options, from the pool noodle to the inflatable pool floats, I became a bit frustrated with two things.

1.  Almost every float design on the market would only last a single summer and some cases only a month or two. Most of the options being inflatable at a price point above $30, with the best options being heavy foam styles at prices over $100.

2. Most of the pool floats keep you on top of the water which is not comfortable in temperatures exceeding 90 degrees. This would require me to get off the float to cool down and in most designs was not an easy process.

This is why I designed an under water recreational float that keeps you cool and comfortable.

Since my teens I have worked on inventions and designs here and there, so I started the process of coming up with a design to address the challenges and frustrations. After several designs and prototypes I developed the Lazy Otter Pool Float. US Patent D765,201 S .

I am convinced this durable construction and unique design answers the need for something durable, storable and affordable. With our money back guarantee I know you love your new float purchase.




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